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    Top 100 Reasons on Why We Love Calvin

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    Top 100 Reasons on Why We Love Calvin

    Bài gửi by chipsro on 22/12/08, 08:40 pm


    Top 100 Reasons on Why We Love Calvin
    1) obviously his sunshine smile.
    2) his super duper friendly character!
    3) He is TALL! i like guys who are tall.
    4) His lame jokes!
    5) He can sure ACT!
    6) He can SING!
    8) He's smart
    9) Because his laugh melts my heart
    10) Because he's able to make me smile whenever I see his face, be it wherever, whenever.
    11) Because he always works hard, and never gives up
    12) Because he works for his dreams
    13) Because his english is soooo smexy
    14) Because of his warm attitude, and the fact that he doesn't only go for looks.
    15) Because I can converse with him in all the languages he knows. XD
    16) his caring for friends
    17) his gentle and soft voice
    18) his double master degree
    19) he is romantic
    20) he knows his weaknesses and try very hard to improve
    21) he can rap.
    22) he remembers all his fans name once you tell him ....amazing
    23) he loves pets lol....(i remember he has 2 cute dogs back in vancouver)
    24) he is loyal to fahrenheit and always defend for them whenever there's bad news bout the group
    25) He is humble and willing to learn.
    26) He got chest, as seen in RP episode 3!
    27) He never fail to make my day.
    28) He is willing to help jiro with his english!
    29) Because he has absolutely sweet thoughts when it comes to a gf. *melts*
    30) His eyes, though not as electrifiying as Da Dong's or Ya Lun's, is able to melt ME!
    31. Calvin has a degree in Finance (like me )
    32. Because the way Calvin looked when he realized that he said "making love with you" and tries hard to cover that little slip of words! ;D
    33. Sure he can't dance, but he sure looks SO cute & happy dancing!!
    34. He doesn't care that he's NOT the MOST popular guy in Fahrenheit! ^^ (Cause he knows that there are PLENTY of fans girls that are willing to kill for him! )
    35. Cause he's just AMAZING like that
    36. His hair! =) (what? I think it's cute! ^^)
    37. WITHOUT him, Fahrenheit wouldn't be the SAME anymore!!!!
    38. He's a EXTREMELY good TALKER (and a sweet one as well )
    39. He once gave a girl 99 red roses and then said that she was his 100th rose!! ;D (haha, i'm glad that they are no longer together, lol)
    40. His SMILE will ALWAYS ALWAYS make your DAY better NO MATTER what happens!! ;D *faints* That SUNSHINE SMILE!!! <333
    41. He's the ONLY reason why I LOVE Fahrenheit nowadays!!!!!!
    42. He does CRAZY & CUTE faces!! =D
    43. He pretends to like Chun a lot!!!
    44. Calvin's so freaken CUTE that even if he dresses up like a girl, he will STILL win a beauty pageant!!!!
    45). [Ahem, Jinny's last one didn't count] Calvin's way of kissing -- it's not the best but the best for the girls who LOVE HIM! Ha!
    46) His eyes -- give you the goosebumps! (in a good way)
    47) Calvin is the SMARTEST IN FRH! (well, at least to me!)
    48) Calvin's dress sense is ADORABLE!
    49) Calvin is optimistic, no matter what!
    50) He is a succeeder!
    51. he's adorably goofy! he's not afraid of acting silly =)
    52) Because he's incredibly charming and devastatingly cute
    53) He's confident, and he knows it.
    54) He oozes with capability, and he gives a sense of security.
    55) He has a good voice, and developing skills in his electrifying eyes. He melted me away in CSRH, and in RP too. XD
    56) Because he knows what he wants, and stands up for himself.
    57) Because he isn't afraid to chase his dreams.
    58) Because he's different, unique and optimistic
    59) he's got these cuuute dimples when he smiles widely
    60) Because his bright smile makes him unique
    61) Because he has an equally smexy accent in Jap.
    62) Because he sounds REALLY good no matter what language he speaks.
    63) Because he can look princely, and playboy-ish, childish, and cute!
    64) Because he currently is one of the FRH members with the brightest personalities.
    65) Because he is a good talker, and never fails to amuse everyone.
    66) Because he looked HAWT HAWT HAWT in his Chu Shen RU Hua outfit
    67) He is able to keep his calm, no matter in what situation
    68) Because he is caring for his fans, as with all FRH members
    69) Because his voice calms me down no matter what
    70) Because he is able to slip into any acting role given to him (To me anyway. XD)
    71) His attentiveness towards everyone around him.
    72) Because he has a long breathe, able to kiss Wu Xiong for so long without suffocating in KO One.
    73) Because his composure is always smooth and cool
    74) Because the way he sleeps is extremely cuteeee He can sleep anywhere, anytime (if he has a chance to do)
    75) Because he never had any rumors about arguing with other Fahrenheit members.
    76) Because he can pass every difficulty he had with his sunshine smile (although he’s very tired)
    77) Because the way he came back and carried Arron in his back (in Hana Kimi â€â€œ Chinese New Year Special, you remember that?) while Arron thought that everyone had forgot him.
    78) Because he is willing to try new things.
    79) He tells really good stories
    80) Because he is honest with his fans
    81) Because he cares and cherishes his fans like no other star would do
    82) Because he has a happy-go-lucky attitude.
    83) Because he is from Fahrenheit!
    84) He can sing AND act.
    85) Because he is the FIRST and ONLY FRH member to have a fan made song specially written for him.
    86) He is good at talking, and knows how to put his words in a way that it sounds good and not offensive.
    87) Because he's good at giving piggyback rides.
    88) Because he's willing to drive out to where ever Chun is and eat dinner with him
    89) Because he has a sweet looking signature!
    90) Because he made his fans fall in love with the brand "Calvin Klein" (CINDY DID! Jinny did toooo ^^)
    91) Because he's just cute in his own way.
    92) Because no matter what he does, it always brightens our day.
    93) Because he makes us feel all sweet and fuzzy inside.
    94. Because Calvin will ONE day WRITE about his AF Harem in his BLOG POST!!! <33 lol
    95) Because just when you think a pic of him is THE hottest.. you see a hotter one!
    96) Because he gave us a flying kiss.
    97) Because he gives us all the inspiration to strive on!
    98) Because he gives us the sun in our lives, and makes us all happier and we get more friends as well!
    99) Although he likes to trick ppl, he is caring as well, and knows his limits.
    100) Because he is CALVIN CHEN!!!


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